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Human Behavior

Capella University

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Mental Health Counseling

Capella University

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Educational Psychology


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University of Houston

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NCAA Division-I Women's Basketball

Tamara Taylor

Mynd-Behavior Educational Psychologist

Mynd-Behavior Profiler

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Mynd-Behavior Psychology Psychologist

Tamara is a Mynd-Behavior Profiler, Sports Psychologist, Educational Mynd-Behavior Psychologist, and Mynd-Behavior Psychology Publisher for children’s emotional and mental health books. As more than 90% of communication is non-verbal, she focused her attention on learning and understanding people through what they do NOT say. Thoughts and emotions are the force for behavior, and behavior is more than 90% of all communication. While there is still a stigma about mental health and therapy, and people not wanting to talk about their feelings, Tamara created a few ways for people to deal with their mental and emotional health without using the traditional channels of therapy.


First, through her corporation's branches in sports and education, her recognized deCODE BLUEprint and visiMYND neurofeedback technologies have given people a different avenue for achieving mental, emotional, and behavioral wellness from the comforts and privacy of their homes, offices, and schools. Secondly, through print publications, Tamara connects with authors and illustrators in teaching kids emotional and mental health in a language that they can understand and visuals that captivate their attention.


As a former NCAA Division-I basketball player, UIL basketball and volleyball coach of a 6A program, special educator, educational behavior specialist, and district behavior administrator for several schools and districts in Texas, Tamara was drawn to the mental and emotional development of athletes of all ages and levels as well as students in schools. In particular, she studied how mental and emotional health influenced athletics’ performance, students’ performance, their decision making, their behaviors on and off the field, court, and school building,  and ultimately their overall life experiences. Tamara has earned several degrees in business and international studies, educational psychology (NOT to be confused with school psychology), clinical mental health, and human behavior. In addition, she complemented her formal education with continued studies in the neuroscience and the brain, alternative and integrative medicines, alternative and integrative therapeutic practices, holistic nutrition, and technology. Taking everything she learned from her formal education, professional experiences, and personal experiences she has built the TTE Corporation that includes the following:

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