The WHAT WHY Program is a research and evidence-based mynd-behavior intervention program co-developed by mynd-behavior profiler and psychologist Tamara Taylor and licensed professional counselor Dr. Tiffany Young (click here to learn about the co-developer, Dr. Young). By focusing on the WHY of behaviors our program has proven to improve the challenging behaviors of tier 2 and tier 3 students in the PBIS and RTI models.

The WHAT WHY Program consist of 4 research-based and evidence-based modules designed for grades 2-12. Its facilitation is 8-12 weeks in small intervention groups led by a certified school counselor or licensed professional counselor. Facilitators are required to be trained in the WHAT WHY curriculum by the co-developers. During the 4 modules, the program participants will process through and deal with some tough issues within their own experiences that challenge them to do the following:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE their current state of mind-behavior health

  • EVALUATE their response behavior when facing conflicts and challenges

  • BE ACCOUNTABLE in identifying and expressing their emotions

  • PLAN for maintaining improved mind-behavior health in a non-threatening, supportive, and learning environment


Every program implementation will be supported with the deCODE BLUEprint for pre and post assessments and progress monitoring during the program and following the completion of the program.​ The goal of WHAT WHY is to improve students' mental health and emotional intelligence. This collectively improves their:

  • Attitudes

  • Behavior

  • Social Identity

  • Schools' climate and safety

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